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02 May 2009


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[this is good] it only dies when great men refuse to defend it


Well, we better get some good men to D.C. or our state legislatures had better rise up.
I don't expect we will ever get back to a truly limited government as was originally set up, but the level of government intrusion into daily life is coming at a fast and furious pace.


You seem scared.


No, not scared.  Sadly realistic that the centralized power and control is happening at a much quicker pace now and there is rarely turning back.  Government doesn't shrink.  It continues to grow and do away with our liberties in pursuit of control.  Orwell's 1984 was off by about 3 decades.  Tonights passage of the largest taxation bill in history will step it up even more if the Senate pushes it through for the President's signature.  The cost of living will shoot up along with the inflation that will come within two years when the trillions of spending is in the system.

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