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05 May 2009


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Rosemead Herald

[this is good] The Feds are going too powerful


the states need to do this there is no dought about this, it's the only message left that the federal goverment will possibly understand,the federal goverment is a fat seacow that is bogged down in their own bullshit  


Governor Sanford lost his battle in the Courts and the S.C. legislature overruled him. I have not heard the final outcome yet. It may have resulted in S.C. taking every dime it  could.

Governor Jindal caved early.

Governor Palin vetoed 28.6 million as she refused to go along with the legislature because of the intolerable roaps attached. As it stands now, the legislators are contemplating overriding her veto. However she has indicated that even if the do, she will not apply for the funds even if they do, so they are at a standoff right now. Governor Palin drew a line in the sand and said she will not cross it.

In the big picture of things, I know this is a small amount, but I do believe Governor Palin is the only Governor still trying to resist. The Governors are so outnumbered by those who don't see the danger, it is a sad state of affairs. 



Yup, I'm having a hard time seeing any hope in the situation at the state level.  The mentality of doing what needs to be done to get re-elected seems to outweigh doing what needs to be done with principle and integrity.  As a society we have become unwilling to ride out the tough times and unfortunately the actions that we think would make things better actually prolong the problem in some cases.

It's also unfortunate to see another political figure act in self-destructive behavior such as we have seen with Governor Sanford this week.


Governor Sanford really let his boys down, they are at an age that this can have a lasting impression on them. I hope he and his wife can pull it together and use this as a teachable moment for the benefit of those boys. This can really screw up their minds on relationships with women. I pray it all works out positively for those boys.


Sorry Madonna, a little to pornographic for my page.

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